Nancy Hiller: Bloomington Designer

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Bloomington, Indiana Nancy Hiller is a designer and woodworker specializing in cabinetry and furniture in Bloomington, Indiana, a town that Heitink also calls home. Heitink and NR Hiller Design have worked together on several projects over the years. Here's an article about Nancy that wrote about a project that featured some PS Cherry veneer

Wood Veneer Red Flags & Rules of Thumb

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Wood Veneer - Red Flags and Rules of Thumb  This article originally appeared in the June Issue of Door Security & Safety Magazine.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to wood veneer. Find out what to watch for during selection and specification. By Bill Berryman, AWI, DHI, CSI Why

How We Collaborate on Large Architectural Projects

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A critical aspect of the management of a large scale construction project involves the development and control of budgets and schedules. “On-time”, “within budget” and “according to specifications” should be the basic objectives of the project control system for any major project. Cost Control Schedule Control Quality Assurance