Project Description

Textured QTR Fumed Larch Diagonal 54.8354 HVLF

Larix decidua

Larch is known for its very straight and uniform grain when quarter cut, and is usually yellow to orange to reddish-brown in color.

Fuming is a process in which wood is exposed to ammonia vapors over time, resulting in natural wood veneer taking on a darker, warm color, while retaining many of its original characteristics. Fuming can produce a variety of different shades within a single veneer flitch, so it is recommended that a type sample be requested for approval.

By using Heitink’s diagonal, horizontal, and wave sliced veneer, faces and panels, one can create products and interiors with amazing visual aesthetics. By combining the three-dimensional quality of this veneer innovation with color, one can achieve absolutely new dimensions in design. The optics and haptics are so unique, there are truly no limits to the creative possibilities. Our textured designs are available in a variety of veneer species.