Project Description

QTR Dyed Zebrano 03.014 BB

Microberlinia brazzavillensis

Zebrano, also known as Zebrawood or Zingana, is a species native to West Africa. As the name suggests, Zebrano veneer is lustrous with a unique pattern of straight, tan to dark brown lines running throughout, making its pattern similar to that of a zebra.

Our dyed veneers offer color consistency in a variety of hues, intensity, and values in combination with the natural wood grain, creating beautiful and unique options in design.

The dye process will take regular wood veneers: pressure bleached, then pressure dyed with a custom color dye. The entire thickness of the wood is dyed to guarantee uniform color. The veneers are then dried, reassembled and bundled for further processing. An advantage of dyed veneers is that it eliminates the labor of staining and color matching, and repairs are easily done with sanding and touch-ups. If the color you are seeking is not presented, pending the scope of the project, we can color match to your sample.